Managing Late Night Food Cravings

Welcome back to PorrazzaNutrition! Do you struggle with late night or after dinner eating? Many of my clients find themselves eating late at night, even when they aren't hungry! This could be due to stress, boredom, food commercial temptations, etc. Nighttime eating can cause you to eat more calories than you need and also spike your … Continue reading Managing Late Night Food Cravings

3 Ways to Grill Healthier This Summer

Welcome back to PorrazzaNutrition! Things are getting really exciting over here since I am gearing up to launch my first virtual weight management support group! I hear a lot of clients talk about how they “fall off their diet” during the Summer months. My goal with the virtual support group is to focus on living … Continue reading 3 Ways to Grill Healthier This Summer

Tips for Motivating Yourself to Lose Weight and Eat Better

How many of you reading this post have a general idea of what to do to achieve a healthy diet, yet still aren't doing it? Ever think about what is holding you back from jumping in and getting going? Maybe, you tend to start eating healthy and by the end of the week or even … Continue reading Tips for Motivating Yourself to Lose Weight and Eat Better

Pizza Hummus Recipe

Every week, I lead a weight management support group at the YMCA. I always bring in a new recipe or food item to taste test. I think it makes the class interesting and allows for some food conversation. This past week, I served a pizza hummus with pretzel sticks and pita chips and it was … Continue reading Pizza Hummus Recipe