3 Tips for a Healthier Road Trip

Welcome back to PorrazzaNutrition! I am just a few weeks away from launching my first virtual weight management support group! My goal with the virtual support group is to focus on living healthier all year round with accountability and motivation from others (and yours truly, the Dietitian). I wanted to talk about keeping your health in … Continue reading 3 Tips for a Healthier Road Trip

Top 3 Tips for Sticking to Your Goals

Happy February! How is everyone doing with your resolutions? In January, it seemed a bit easier to get working on those new goals; however, once February hit, is often a bit harder to keep yourself on track. It can be discouraging to lose that momentum when you are trying to start or change a habit. When you … Continue reading Top 3 Tips for Sticking to Your Goals

Tips for Using Winter Fruits and Veggies

The cold weather has been creeping upon us, which means that winter is right around the corner. Though we have to embrace this cold weather, there is something we can look forward to --- winter vegetables and fruits! Yes, those delicious, hearty vegetables that amp up our soups, and fill our homes with a distinct … Continue reading Tips for Using Winter Fruits and Veggies

Red Flags for a Fad Diet

"Lose 10 pounds in a week!" "Easy to lose weight fast!" "Lose weight without exercising!" "Weight-loss solution!" "Best new weight loss program!" "Lose up to 1-inch overnight!" You have probably heard or read something similar to the phrases above; supplements, meal plans, or weight-loss programs that are promising you the results that you are looking … Continue reading Red Flags for a Fad Diet

Avocado Pudding Recipe

A friend of mine suggested I try out her Avocado Pudding recipe she found in a magazine (not a clue which one). I'm always one to try new things, especially if they are healthy. You get a boost of unsaturated (healthy) fats and some protein! The recipe was really simple and quite good. It took … Continue reading Avocado Pudding Recipe

Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

It's that time again! What time do you say? Time to start making your New Year Resolutions! Recently, I was asked to make a resolution for a video. What did I say? Absolutely nothing. I don't know what "firm decision to do or not to do something" I want to make (Google definition). Sure there … Continue reading Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

Cereal Vs. Ice Cream

This past week I had the privilege of leading a nutrition supermarket tour. When my tour group came to the cereal aisle, many of my participants had a very eye-opening experience about all of the sugar in "healthy cereal" products. In talking about carbohydrates and sugar, one woman had a very interesting comment, "With that … Continue reading Cereal Vs. Ice Cream

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Skin

Looking for a healthy skin boost? Try out these power-packed foods! #1- Almonds Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects your body from UV-induced free radical damage to the skin. Vitamin E has been shown to have anti-inflammatory roles in the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  … Continue reading Top 5 Foods for Healthy Skin

Snacking and Healthy Eating on the Go

Scenario 1: From the minute you get up in the morning, you are running like crazy, whether it is with your job, your family, your hobbies, or all of the above. You may have just enough time to grab breakfast in the morning. If not, your stomach is grumbling leading to the perfect setting for that … Continue reading Snacking and Healthy Eating on the Go

How to Read a Nutrition Label

"Heart healthy!" "Low fat!" Confused on how to read a nutrition label? Well, you have come to the right place! Why should you read a label anyway? For starters, it helps you determine the nutritional content of the product. It is also helpful for those with food allergies or intolerances. Reading the nutrition label helps you … Continue reading How to Read a Nutrition Label