3 Tips for a Healthier Road Trip

Welcome back to PorrazzaNutrition! I am just a few weeks away from launching my first virtual weight management support group! My goal with the virtual support group is to focus on living healthier all year round with accountability and motivation from others (and yours truly, the Dietitian). I wanted to talk about keeping your health in … Continue reading 3 Tips for a Healthier Road Trip

Eat This, Not That!

So, you skip the homemade dinner and opt to go out to eat. But what do you choose?! Although what is available to you may not always be the healthiest, some choices are better than others.  Now, on to eat this, not that!   Restaurants   Applebee's Eat This: Grilled Cajun Lime Tilapia 310 calories, 6g … Continue reading Eat This, Not That!

Tips for Eating Out

True or false?: A salad is the healthiest item to choose on the menu. Surprisingly, the answer is false. Most entree salads have more toppings than lettuce or other vegetables. These "healthy salads" can really pack on the saturated fat and extra calories. For example, a Fiesta Chicken Salad from Applebee's has 880 calories, 43g of … Continue reading Tips for Eating Out