5 Things to do with Halloween Candy Leftovers

Are you struggling with what to do with the pile of Halloween candy that is collecting in your house (and just calling you to eat it)? Dodge candy overload this year with these five tips!

1 – Donate your Candy to a Sweet Cause
Instead of throwing out your excess candy, donate it to Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops Program. They will ship your donated candy to deployed service members around the world or distribute to veterans in VA Hospitals across the country.

2 – Enjoy One Piece of your Favorite Candy a Day
Pick a time of the day when you start to crave sweets and choose your favorite piece of candy. Then, savor the piece of candy by taking mindful bites instead of eating it all at once.  Remember, it is okay to have sweets on occasion because completely ignoring your cravings may result in an all-out binge.

3 – Bring your Candy to Work
Bring your leftover candy to work and place it in a communal spot for other people to enjoy! 

4 – Make a Piñata
Are you have an upcoming party or know of someone who is having a party? Save the candy to fill a pinata!

5 – Make your Candy into a Healthy Trail Mix
Add some “fun” to a trail mix by using the fun-sized candy packs with equal portions of unsalted nuts, dried fruit (like raisins), and even air-popped popcorn. Portion out your trailmix by the quarter-cup and baggie it up for a quick, sweet-treat!


Your action goal for this week is to choose a simple way to donate or share your Halloween candy. Post what you plan to work on in the comments below for some accountability!


Guest Post Written by Cedar Crest Dietetic Intern Katie Padva 

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