What is the Weight Management Support Group?

Have you ever felt like you just needed accountability to stay on track with your health? You know how to eat healthy, but you can’t seem to keep the consistency?

If that sounds like you, then the Weight Management Support Group could be what you are looking for!


This group is geared towards those looking to live a healthier lifestyle and end the vicious dieting cycle. The WMSG will provide support, accountability, and realistic nutrition tips and recipes. You are going to learn from a credible Dietitian, brainstorm healthy eating strategies with your peers, and work towards changing your frame of mind around healthy eating.

One of the best things about the WMSG is that it is 100% virtual! You don’t have to worry about rushing to a location after work. You can attend classes in the comfort of your own home and access all of the information easily at your fingertips.

This group is for you if you…

-Know the basics to living healthy, but need some motivation or accountability
-Are open to changing your health/nutrition habits
-Are ready to take charge of your health
-Are ready to make your health a priority
-Are ready to commit to an overall healthy lifestyle change

What To Expect From the WMSG?

Every Monday morning, you will get an email with tips related to the topic of the week, worksheet downloads, goal setting sheets, and upcoming event information. Live group classes are held Monday nights at 6:00pm via Zoom conferencing starting on September 10th and ends on October 29th. Classes are flexible and topics will include goal setting for success, meal prep hacks, snacking smart, hydration, eating on-the-go, motivation, late night eating, and more!

Every Tuesday morning, you will receive a recap email with highlights from the previous Live class. This way, you will be in the loop if you miss a class.

Every Wednesday night, I will still be hosting my LIVE Facebook sessions; however, the videos will be focused on the WMSG topics. You can join me live or watch on replay and post questions in the comments.

Every Thursday morning, you will receive a motivational text message specific to your goals (if you have chosen to opt-in).

Additional Subscription Opt-ins

If you are in need of more individualized support throughout the 8-weeks, you can opt-in for two, 20-minute coaching calls. There are also sample meal plans and personalized nutrition prescription options too.

How to Register For the WMSG?

If you are interested in joining me, you can sign-up HERE. Once you reserve your spot, you will be automatically redirected to complete your registration by signing up for the newsletter portion. Make sure to check your inbox for a welcome email with more information about classes and what to expect.

Space is limited to 20 participants, so don’t wait to register.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or just to say hi!

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