Top 10 Healthy Beach Snacks

Welcome back to PorrazzaNutrition! Anyone headed to the beach this Summer? While I am not a fan of swimming in the ocean, I do love strolling along the beach and collecting shells/sea-glass!

Today, I want to share my top 10 favorite beach snacks that will keep you energized and on track with your health!


1- Watermelon
I love watermelon, especially post exercise for some hydration and nutrients. Watermelon, as you can guess from the name, is about 92% water and an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Watermelon is also a good source of lycopene, which is an antioxidant studied for its role in reducing cardiovascular disease and cancer risk.
→ Tip – Cube and store watermelon in the fridge or freeze for use in a smoothie.

2- Grapes
Grapes are not too high in sugar. Should I re-type that?! Grapes are rich in antioxidants, which help fight cancer-forming free radicals in your body, and vitamin C, which is immune boosting.
→ Tip – Rinse and store grapes in a baggie or a small container.

3- Cherry/Grape Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are super convenient to pop in your mouth as is! They are a great source of vitamins A, C, and K.
→ Tip – Look for tomatoes with a firm skin without bruises and rinse before eating.

4- Nuts
Nuts are super portable! They contain healthy, unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber, all of which give you sustained energy.
→ Tip – Look for unsalted nuts and mix with died fruit for an easy trail mix.

5- Homemade Trail-mix
Homemade trail-mix allows you to control the ingredients and nutritional content. A great way to balance proteins (nuts/seeds), healthy fats (nuts/seeds), and high-fiber carbohydrates (raisins) without a ton of added sugar.
→ Tip – Pre-portion trail-mix in baggies so you don’t overdo the serving size.

6- Bars
Bars are super convenient on-the-go. Just be sure to look for a balance of protein and high-fiber carbohydrates. I like to go with brands like KIND, Vega, or Larabar.
→ Tip – Look for fiber (3g at least) to keep you fuller for longer.

7- Veggies + Hummus
Carrots, celery, cucumbers, and peppers are all great for a crunchy snack that is full of fiber, fluid, and antioxidants.
→ Tip – Have veggies pre-washed and cut, so they are easy to grab and eat.

8- Popcorn
As with anyone, I do love a little salty crunch! Did you know that popcorn is a whole grain? Popcorn is also super easy to make at home with air popper.
→ Tip – Look for low-sodium pre-popped options and avoid microwaved ones loaded with butter.

9- Roasted Chickpeas
Chickpeas are a great plant-based protein with a crunch. You can purchase pre-made ones like Biena or make your own.
→ Tip – For homemade roasted chickpeas, take the canned chickpeas and drain and rinse them. Toss the chickpeas with olive oil and spices. Roast at 350 degrees F for about 30 minutes or until split and crunchy!

10- Apples + Peanut or Almond Butter
Apples are healthy carbohydrate with fiber and natural sugar. Nut butters contain healthy fats and protein!
→ Tip – Chop up apples and toss with lemon/water mix to slow the browning process. Put your nut butter in small, pre-portioned, container to dip easily.


Your action goal for this week is to plan a healthy snack to take along with you when you head to the beach. Post what you plan to bring in the comments below for some accountability!

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