5 Things to Pack When Flying/Traveling

Last week, I was away at the Today’s Dietitian Symposium in Austin, Texas. If you have not gone to Austin, put it on your list of places to go! I loved the atmosphere, friendly people, and scenery. Totally, different experience than living in Philly 🙂


In traveling as a Dietitian, I go a bit overboard in the food arena. I always worry that I won’t have a lot of options since I have food allergies. I also refuse to pay the insane airport prices for food (coffee maybe). I usually pick an airline that will allow basic economy fliers to take a carry-on and a personal item (at no extra cost). I want no parts of lost luggage or worrying where my bag is especially if I have food in it!

With that, I wanted to share with you some of the top things I packed with me for this trip! This is not a sponsored post and the products I mention are just those that I personally enjoy and would recommend as an RD. Just as a side note, check the TSA allowed list before you travel to make sure all of your items are still okay to travel with in a carry-on bag. I would have also packed more things like peanut butter or applesauce cups; however, I could only fit so much in my carry-on and the limit for liquids hindered those items.

Hopefully, this will help you in packing smart this summer while you travel.

 5 Things to Pack When Flying

1 – A Variety of Bars
20180530_115326.jpgHaving bars on hand is great for not only the airport/flight, but also, mid-meals (especially at a conference). I love the Larabar minis for a sweet snack post meal and the fruit + greens variety for a morning pairing with hot cereal. I love that these bars have no added sugar and a nice amount of fiber. I recently found the brand 22Days, which was a great meal replacement bar with a piece of fruit. They have only 5g of sugar and a whopping 8g of fiber and 15g of protein.

2 – Fresh Fruit/Veg
I made the silly decision to pack bananas in my bag and they got a bit squished on the way there. I would suggest traveling more so with hearty fruits like apples or oranges. I also bought baby carrots and snacked on the those on the way home too! As of right now, there isn’t a limit on fresh fruit/veg since as whole items, they don’t count as a “liquid.”

3 – Dry Oats (Gluten-Free if needed)
I packed a baggie of dry, rolled, gluten-free oats and a 16-ounce empty mason jar to make overnight oats in my hotel room. I am typically not a fan of the “usual” breakfast food offered at conferences/hotels, so this was my back-up plan. I just used water and sweetened with fresh fruit; however, you could also pack some spices like cinnamon to spruce it up a bit more.

4 – Dry Fruit/Veg
Dried fruit is awesome to pack since it stores well in your travel bags. I packed diced prunes, raisins, and dried mango (all no-sugar-added). These were great for a snack and also something else I could add to my oatmeal. As for the dried veggies, I would stay away from anything like freeze-dried snap peas, since they crush easily. I packed with me some dry-roasted chickpeas as a crunchy snack with some protein and fiber.

5 – Empty Water Bottle
If you don’t do anything else, pack an empty water bottle! This saves you a ton of money at the airport and forces you to stay hydrated. A lot of airports have the water bottle filling stations now too! Once I got to Texas, I was glad to have a reusable bottle since mostly just small paper cups were around so I would have drank way less water!

What will you pack when you travel this Summer? Leave a comment and let me know!


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